September 15, 2019

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How Easy is it to Modify Child Support in Orlando?

In order for child support to be modified in the state of Florida there has to have been a significant change in circumstances since either the marriage was dissolved and the amount of child support agreed upon, or since the last change in the amount of child support given.

Having approval to change child support amounts in Orlando  is not as easy as some people might think, as the change in circumstances which led to the request for a change in child support must be substantial. For example a small pay rise or pay decrease would not qualify and, in addition, the change in circumstances must be involuntary, so simply deciding to quit a job would be unlikely to lead to a modification in child support in the state of Florida.

Some of the factors which could give rise to the basis to lower child support would be the loss of the job or loss of income of the paying party, or the receiving party having an increase in income. Another factor could be that the expenses of the children have decreased, for example if there was no longer any need to pay for daycare as they had stopped attending.

Factors which may lead to an increase in child support would be the loss of the job or income of the receiving party, or the paying party making more money. Another factor could be that the children’s expenses increase, such as attending a more expensive school for example.

If the Court does find that there has been a substantial change in circumstances, of either the paying party, the receiving party or the children themselves, then the child support guidelines will come into play in order to determine the new amount of child support.