April 27, 2018

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What to do If You are Stopped by Police in Orlando

Especially if you are a minority, a run in with the police can be a serious cause four stress and worry.  Many people, when confronted with a police encounter, do not realize their constitutional rights and may inadvertently agree to police searches, or provide the information which will later be used against them.  In order to give you more information related to your rights when being stopped by police in Orlando, here we will take a look at what you can legally do:

Refuse a search.  Police officers will often ask you if it is OK for them to search your car or residence.  You have the constitutional right to refuse such a search.  One of the best ways to go about refusing a search is to remember that remaining calm and speaking in a respectful manner will go a long ways toward a positive outcome of the encounter.

Stay silent.  When police question you, you have the legal right to refuse to answer.  Your only duty is to verbally state your refusal.  Afterwards, you are free not to answer any further questions or inquiries.

A right to legal counsel.  You have a constitutional right to legal counsel if you are ever arrested.  This right is the basis for the fact that every municipality has a public defender’s office.

A right to leave if you are not under arrest.  You may have noticed that in the movies and pop culture cop dramas the suspect will often ask if he is under arrest, and when told he isn’t, he simply gets up and walks away.  This dramatization actually has its basis in reality.  If you are not under arrest you generally have the right to leave out of police custody.