September 15, 2019

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What Do I Need to Prove if I Have a Slip and Fall Accident?

In order to have a claim under legislation in Orlando, if you wish to fill a slip and fall lawsuit, you will have to work closely with your attorney. He or she will have to prove that your accident was caused by something which was dangerous on … [Read more...]

I think I was Fired Illegally in Orlando

If you have recently been fired from your job, there is a possibility that it may have been illegal under Florida state law. You should consider whether any of the following happened to you either leading up to your dismissal or in the way you were … [Read more...]

How Do I Fight Mortgage Foreclosure in Orlando?

In the state of Florida, someone who is facing foreclosure on their house cannot have their property sold off to pay debts that are owed until the lender obtains a court order permitting the sale. That said, before a court order can be obtained the … [Read more...]

What is the Process for Filing Bankruptcy in Orlando?

Filing for bankruptcy, whether it is personal or for a business, is never an enjoyable experience. Sometimes, however, it becomes the only suitable option when finances take a turn for the worst. The first thing for people in Orlando to understand in … [Read more...]

How Much Can I Expect From My Wrongful Death Case?

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in Orlando have trouble answering this question for their clients who are filing wrongful death suites. Valuation is not a legal determination but rather is something that is decided by a jury and … [Read more...]

Can I File A Lawsuit Against My Employer If I Get Injured On The Job?

Perhaps the most common question asked by individuals in Orlando who end up sustaining an injury while they are working is whether or not they can file a lawsuit against their employer. The short answer is yes, however, many employees who suffer … [Read more...]

How long do I Have to File a Claim for Discrimination at Work in Orlando?

Discrimination due to race, age, sex, pregnancy, national origin, marital status, color, religion, or disability is illegal in Florida under the Florida Civil Human Right Act. Employees are protected from this type of discrimination if their employer … [Read more...]

What Happens if I Refuse a Breathalyzer or Blood Test in Orlando?

The law in Florida states that you can be arrested for Driving under the Influence, DUI, if your blood alcohol level is 0.08 percent or more and 0.05 percent if you are under 21. It is not important if you seemed to be impaired when you were driving … [Read more...]

What to do If You are Stopped by Police in Orlando

Especially if you are a minority, a run in with the police can be a serious cause four stress and worry.  Many people, when confronted with a police encounter, do not realize their constitutional rights and may inadvertently agree to police searches, … [Read more...]

Will I Lose My Inheritance in an Orlando Divorce?

The state of Florida uses a concept called equitable distribution, or equitable division, in the process of determining who gets what during a divorce.  This equitable distribution concept does not necessarily mean that each of the divorcing parties … [Read more...]